Data Analytics

Much like domains like retail and financial markets, telecom systems, whether carrier-grade or enterprise-grade, generate a huge amount of data that is grossly under-utilised by most service providers, especially the medium and small ones, and in case of enterprise, the SMB’s. Our multi-layered framework (WIP) provides access at multiple layers and so is in a unique position to enable applications (at the highest level) and provide hooks for customisation (at the middle levels) and enable integration with a diverse set of databases (at the lowest level).

Plankton expert engineering services in data analytics and analytical models can help provide advanced analytics solutions to extract valuable insights from your data into predictive knowledge that drives business actions. We specialize in Hadoop, BigData and Business intelligence analytics technologies to help improve your products, services and application experiences. Our team of experts offers design, development, testing and implementation services for big data analytics solutions. Our expertise includes Business Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Analytics Apps and Data Normalization services.

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